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06/01/2002 - Update:  
We have updated AlbumCreator. A fix was made to the EXIF engine that fixes improper reading of some specific EXIF files. We also added a new template (Header Frame with 2 Sizes) and added a few new template keywords. The download is now available and will work with all existing registration codes.

StarZen's AlbumCreator enables you to quickly and easily create Photo Albums and galleries from your digital images. 

Say No to  boring galleries NOW !
Unlike other programs AlbumCreator does not lock you into a specific style of page with some customization but rather comes with a number of completely different style sheets which allow creation of very different syles of galleries. In addition style sheets can be added by the end user giving complete control over the page design.

Also we have a download section where new templates are provided for free download.

HeaderFrame Example Template

This example shows a stylesheet called HeaderFrame which will generate a frame set where the thumbnails are shown at the top and the image is shown below the thumbnails.

Blue Stripes Sample Gallery

Header Frame Sample Gallery

Left Frame Sample Gallery 

Simple Table Sample Gallery 

3 Tier Simple Table Sample Gallery 

Slide Show Sample 


  • Ease of use
    AlbumCreator was designed to be very easy to use yet offers very powerful features.
  • EXIF Support
    AlbumCreator fully supports output of EXIF data to your web page
  • customizable Stylesheets
    allows different styles of galleries completely customizable without limits.
  • 2 Tier or 3 Tier galleries
    AlbumCreator supports both types of galleries. A 2 tier gallery allows you to show a thumbnail index as well as a full size image. A 3 tier gallery allows you to show the thumbnail index, a medium size and full size image
  • Additional Information 
    add additional information such as Image names, Description, Album Name and Description and more.

More details on AlbumCreator can be found in our Screenshot's page.

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